Recent Research on Ancient Galatia

Classical Studies, University of Waterloo (13-15 March 2014)


After David Magie’s Roman Asia Minor (1950), Stephen Mitchell’s magisterial Anatolia (1993) represented the first major historical synthesis of central Asia Minor in Hellenistic and Roman times, especially of Galatia and its adjacent territories. This landmark publication spurred further studies to a degree that the topical lamentation about the neglect of Galatia by Archaeologists, Epigraphists and Historians is now out-fashioned. On the contrary, in a survey article published in Anatolica (39, 2013, 169-195), I have tried to make the wealth of the diverse and dispersed scholarship of some 250 recent publications more accessible, thereby attempting a preliminary synthesis, identifying current trends, showcasing ongoing research and discussing some of the still most controversial questions. The upcoming workshop is designed to foster the dialogue among colleagues from all relevant disciplines with a sustained interest in Galatia, in order to share, compare, and contextualize most recent research results.



Reader compiled by A. Coskun, 2014 (160 pp.)

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Report on H-Soz-Kult 16.06.2014

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