Altay Coşkun studied at Trier University in Germany in the 1990s. After holding various postdoctoral positions (Oxford, Trier & Exeter), he was appointed Associate Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Waterloo in 2009, where he has been teaching & researching a wide range of Classical subjects. He has published several books and articles in the fields of Late Roman legislation and literature, ancient citizenship, intercultural naming practices, dynastic rule and diplomacy in the Hellenistic and Roman world, concentrating on central Anatolia, Judaea, the Seleukids and the Bosporan Kingdom. His most recent publications include ‘Seleukid Royal Women’ (co-edited with Alex McAuley, 2016) and ‘Rome and the Seleukid East’ (co-edited with David Engels, Brussels 2019).

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