Events & News

 29/7-1/8/2019 with Nick Sekunda & Dawid Borowka: “Seleukid Study Days VII:
Warfare, Military & Society in the Seleukid Kingdom”,
Sopot near Gdansk, Poland

1-3/9/2017       "Seleukid Study Days VI: Reception, Response & Resistance. Reactions to
                         Seleukid Claims to Territorial Rule or Hegemony",
                         Nipissing University, North Bay ON

5-8/4/2017      "Recent Research in Ancient Black Sea Studies",
                         Panel at the 113th Annual Meeting of CAMWS, University of Waterloo

17/6/2016        "Recent Trends in Seleukid Studies", Nipissing University, North Bay ON

21-23/8/2015   “Seleukid Study Day V: Rome and the Seleukid East”, Université Libre de Bruxelles

22/5/2015 Panel at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of Canada:

“Recent Research on the Later Seleukid Empire”, Toronto ON

08/5/2014 with Gillian Ramsey: “Recent Research on Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor”.

Panel at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of Canada, McGill University, Montreal

1-2/5/2014 with DJ Houle, Brett Bartlett: “Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor”,

Graduate Workshop, Classical Studies, University of Waterloo

20-23/2/13 with Alex McAuley & Hans Beck: “Seleucid Study Day IV: Seleucid Royal Women: Roles, Representations, and Expectations”, McGill University

5-7/9/12 “Seleucid Study Day III: War within the Family: A Reassessment of the First Century of Seleucid Rule”,

Panel of the Celtic Conference of Classics, Bordeaux. (Main convenor: Dr. Kyle Erickson, Trinity St David, Lampeter, UK)

09/11/11 “Seleucid Study Day II”, Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies

15/8/11 with Stephen Mitchell: “Seleucid Study Day”, University of Exeter, UK

11/12/2010 with David Engels, Brussels & Kyle Erickson, Lampeter: “Construction of Seleucid Royalty:

Studies in the Politics and Propaganda of Antiochus I.” At the Workshop: Opportunities for

Interdisciplinarity in Hellenistic Scholarship, Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies, University of Waterloo.