Recent Trends in Seleukid Studies

Nipissing University, North Bay ON

June 17, 2016


Workshop Program

9:30-9:50      Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing) & Altay Coskun (Waterloo): Welcome & Introduction

9:50-10:30    Paul Monaghan (Nipissing): Theatres, Theatre, and Theatricality in the Hellenistic East

10:30-11:10  Mark Wachowiak & Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing): Mapping the Ancient World –
                       A New Digital Mapping Project and Its Benefits for Seleukid Studies

11:10-11:30  Tea & Coffee Break

11:30-12:10  Altay Coskun (Waterloo): Polygamy and Seleukid Queenship under Antiochos II –
                       Implications of the Basilissa Title (or the Lack thereof)

12:10-12:50  Del John Houle (McMaster): Military Service & Expressions of Belonging in the 2nd Century BC

12:50-14:00  Lunch Break

14:00-14:20  Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing): Some Methodological Considerations for Identifying Resistance to Seleukid Hegemony

14:20-15:00  Round Table: Towards Seleukid Study VI: Seleukid Ideology – Reception and Resistance (Nipissing, Oct. 2017)

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