Power, Status and Symbols in the Black Sea Area in Antiquity

An International Workshop held at the Institute of History

University of Wrocław

 23rd July 2018


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This workshop will focus on the expression of power and social status in the Black Sea region in both Greek and non-Greek cultural milieus in antiquity. The display of power and high social status may involve a broad range of political and social strategies that were adopted by the elites of Black Sea Greek poleis as well as by the Scythian and Sarmatian aristocracy. This includes aspects such as the use of widely comprehensible visual symbols and specific funerary practices, the display of military power, the heralding of genealogical links, whether mythical or historical, as in the case of the Bosporan rulers. The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge and current research methods regarding the history and archaeology of the Black Sea region in a stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment. This will undoubtedly result in a number of fresh ideas and constructive comments, and will also lead to further collaboration between the participants of the workshop.

Organising Committee:

Prof. Krzysztof Nawotka, University of Wrocław

Dr. Joanna Porucznik, University of Wrocław

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Altay Coşkun, University of Waterloo

Guests are welcome and are required to register with Dr. Porucznik: joanna.porucznik@uwr.edu.pl

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