Together with Victor Cojocaru and Madalina Dana (eds.): Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean and Pontic World during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. The Proceedings of the International Symposium organized by the Iaşi Branch of the Romanian Academy, the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanţa, the Research Project ‘Amici Populi Romani’ (Trier – Waterloo ON) and the Cultural Complex ‘Callatis‘ Mangalia (Constanţa, July 8-12, 2013), Cluj-Napoca: MEGA Publishing House, Dec. 2014. 708 pp. Cf. the Conference Website or a short book presentation in French.


Abstract (English)

This volume collects 28 papers authored by leading experts from nine European countries, Turkey, the US, and Canada. Multiple aspects of interconnectivity between cities and regions of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean in antiquity are studied, such as political and economic networks or local responses to major cultural or religious trends. All of the investigations present problems at the current state of research under close consideration of a wide range of primary evidence, some of which has come to light only recently. Several contributions deal with geopolitical implications, others focus on economic connections of the Black Sea area and its integration into commercial networks, and a third group assembles contributions that are dedicated to the mobility of persons, artworks or cultural concepts. This book is intended to serve not only as a reference work for the ancient Black Sea area and its adjacent territories, but also as a stepping stone for further research on the topic and as encouragement for constructive dialogues between scholars from West and East.