Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor

Graduate Workshop, Classical Studies,
University of Waterloo
(1-2 May 2014)


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The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Waterloo
is pleased to announce a graduate symposium on
"Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor":

Lying at the crossroads between the western and eastern worlds, Asia Minor witnessed both the transfer of imperial power and the establishment of political and social influence between peoples and empires throughout the history of the ancient world (and beyond). From the campaigns of Alexander to the dominance of the Roman Empire, the region saw the migration of new populations, the settlement of colonies, and the conduct of military campaigns. As such, the development of culture and empire within this geographic and temporal framework will serve as the broad operative concept for our symposium.

Call for Papers

Paper Abstracts


Thursday, May 1: Panels 1 & 2

13:30 – 13:45   Opening Remarks

 13:45              Panel I: Early Hellenistic Powers in Asia Minor (chaired by Brett Bartlett )

13:50 – 14:40  Mr. DJ Houle BA, University of Waterloo: Soldiers and Hellenism in the Third-Century Seleucid Military

14:40 – 15:30  Mr. Liam Gale BA, University of Edinburgh: Mercenaries or Allies? A Re-Evaluation of the Military Role Played by the
                        Galatians during the Hellenistic Period

 15:30 – 16:00 Tea/Coffee Break

 16:00              Panel II: Greeks and Romans in Hellenistic Asia Minor (chaired by Prof. Altay Coşkun)

16:05 – 17:00  Dr. Mariachiara Angelucci, University of Pavia & University College London: Rome in Asia Minor in Hellenistic
                        Times: the Reaction of the Greek Intellectuals

 19:00              Conference Dinner at the Grad House, University Campus


Friday, May 2: Panels 3 & 4

9:00                  Panel III: Roman Asia Minor through the Ages (chaired by DJ Houle)

9:05 – 10:00     Mr. Brett Bartlett BA, University of Waterloo: Cicero and the Allies of the Provinces: Rome’s Mistreatment of
                         Provinces in the Maniliana

10:00 – 10:55   Mr. Lukas Lemcke MA, University of Cologne: Measuring Roman Power in Late Antique Asia Minor: the Case of

10:55 – 11:25   Tea/Coffee Break

11:25                Panel IV: Late Roman to Ottoman Asia Minor (chaired by Brett Bartlett)

11:25 – 12:20   Mr. Andrew St. Thomas, University of Waterloo: The Ottoman Reception of Anatolia

 12:20               Closing Remarks