02-Kolchian Rivers-01 rev.png

Author: Altay Coşkun, Waterloo ON

Cartographer: Stone Chen, Waterloo ON

Base Maps: The Black Sea Area Based on Arrian around 130 C.E., by Richard Talbert et al. (Ancient Mapping Center – UNC-CH Library Controlled Access, August 26, 2008); also: Barrington Atlas, ed. by Richard Talbert, Princeton 2000; Google Maps / Earth 2019.

Main Source: Strabo, Geography (1st cent. BC/AD). Cf. Ps.-Scylax (4th cent. BC); Pliny, NH 6 (1st cent.); Appian, PPE (2nd cent.); Tabula Peutingeriana (4th cent. AD); Procopius, Wars (6th cent. AD).

© Altay Coşkun, University of Waterloo, 2019. Contact: acoskun at

First publication in print: Altay Coşkun: ‘Phasian Confusion: Notes on Kolchian, Armenian and Pontic River Names in Myth, History and Geography’. Forthcoming in the Journal Phasis, Georgia, ca. 2019.